Juice=Juice#2 -¡Una más!-

Juice=Juice has finally released their long awaited second album Juice=Juice#2 -¡Una más!- just a few days ago on August 1st.  It comes in a single disc regular edition, and a deluxe limited edition with two CD’s and a blu-ray.  The two discs serve primarily as a collection of the groups physical and digital singles over the last two years.  Continue past the jump to read my take on all of the songs in the limited edition!

Morning Musume。’18 to perform in Mexico!

Mexican Morning Musume。’18 fans have reason to celebrate as it has been announced that Morning Musume。’18 will be visiting Mexico for the first time on November 10th 2018 to perform a concert! As with previous Hello! Project events in Mexico, the concert will be put on by Ninshi Conciertos, and will include a special fan event on the day after the concert for those with a VIP ticket.

Those lucky enough to attend the fan event will be able to participate in a handshake event and will receive a signed poster!

Juice=Juice Announces World Tour!

Hey world, are you thirsty? Thirsty for some juice? Hopefully you are, because Juice=Juice has just announced a world tour! In a first for Hello! Project, Juice=Juice will visit seven separate countries this Fall. Their destinations will include the United States, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Malaysia, and Thailand. The tour is set to begin in September, and presumably more information will be provided as the events approach.

While many Hello! Project acts have already performed abroad this is the first time that a group has performed a proper world tour. Additionally, this will be the first time that a Hello! Project group has visited many of these countries, like England and Germany.

As your author is quite the Juice=Juice fan, he is really looking forward to seeing them perform in America! So get your glasses ready world, Juice=Juice is coming around!

℃-ute Announces Second Concert in Mexico

It has just been announced that ℃-ute will be making a return to Mexico! Hello Project’s most senior group will be performing a second concert in Mexico City on April 13, 2017 aptly named ℃-ute Cutie Circuit ~¡De vuelta a México!~. The concert will take place at SALA CORONA and tickets can be purchased at the Mexico TicketMaster website.

Those fans lucky enough to secure a VIP ticket can even participate in a fan event on the next day! Details on the fan event will hopefully be released soon.

This performance in Mexico and the ℃-ute Cutie Circuit ~De retour à Paris~ concert only three days later in France may be the last time foreign fans are able to see ℃-ute before their unfortunate disbanding this June. Let’s hope that lots of fans are able to give these great girls a wonderful sendoff in their home countries!