Carrie Fisher Awakens Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo Crowd!

The force is awake with the crowd at 2016 Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo as Carrie and Gary Fisher, the iconic actress of Princess Leia from the Star Wars series wowed the crowd with anecdotes of her career, opened up about personal life of mental illness and rehab, and  truly inspired the crowd with her humor and no fucks given attitude.

In the fifth anniversary of Edmonton’s biggest entertainment and comic expo, there was more laughs, costumes, and celebrities  than ever before!


The Star Wars actress whose career has spanned through film and writing for over forty years. She dabbled about Postcards from the Edge, Blues Brothers (“I tried LSD with John Belushi!”) and of course tidbits about Star Wars, “I spank Adam [Driver, actor of Kylo Ren] as often as I can. Basically my son is Hitler.” calling their grandfather “Darth Asshole” and jokingly recreating the scene when Luke (aka Mark Hamill) is a the top of the mountain “Where the <expletive> have you been!?” And of course THE GOLD BIKINI!!


Carrie did not hold back on any questions, with a several minute tirade on Donald Trump whom she called a “moron” and that “the force is not with you” … because he is not a politician that it’s refreshing, “Coca Cola is refreshing! Talking about his daughter like a piece of ass!”, opened up about her mental illness and growing up with her father being bipolar, lady’s roles in Hollywood in front of the camera and behind the camera!

Truly an iconic lady in the industry, she is really appreciative of the fans (especially dirty fan stories where one fan admitted to fapping to her four times a day) and shows it with her enthusiasm and storytelling. THANK YOU CARRIE!! Check out her latest book The Princess Diarist in stores November 22, 2016 and Star Wars Episode VIII drops December 15, 2017.