JPHiP Exclusive! Interview with Hidekazu Ohara!

Ohara Hidekazu

JPHiP was fortunate enough to have an interview with Hidekazu Ohara, a popular animation director, during J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL 2013. Not only has Mr. Ohara worked as a key animator on such titles as Akira, Kogepan, and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, he also directed the music video for seiyuu idol group Sweety’s collaboration with Toyota and the PES project, “My Line.” Read on for our exclusive interview!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Press Conference at J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Sebastian Masuda, and Harajuku Kawaii

JPHiP was lucky enough to score a seat at the press junket for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Sebastian Masuda, and the Harajuku Kawaii models at the opening of the Harajuku Kawaii pop-up shop in San Francisco. There were some pretty good questions and interesting answers – read on to see what the girls and Sebastian had to say about fashion, music, and what they’re into right now!

2013 J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL featuring Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Reina Tanaka & LoVendoR



San Francisco’s 5th Annual Celebration Of Japanese Pop Fashion, Art, Music, Film And Fun To Deliver A Colorful Array Of Special Events, Attractions, Film Premieres And Guest Of Honor Appearances 

San Francisco, CA, July 15, 2013 [via OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE] The 2013 J-POP Summit Festival is only a few weeks away and marks its 5thanniversary as San Francisco’s preeminent annual celebration of Japanese pop culture, art, music, fashion, and filmon Saturday and Sunday, July 27th and 28th.


Perfume to Release Six Concerts on Blu-Ray


Perfume will release six concerts on Blu-ray, which were previously made available on DVD, on August 14th.

AKB48 5th Senbatsu Election Results!!


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JPHiP Interview: Kikkawa You @ Anime Weekend Atlanta

I believe with all my heart that “idols are magic”. With just a smile and her charms, a top-notch idol can enchant, enthrall, and entertain you into giving her your love and support. If you are at all receptive to her magic, meeting such an idol in person can put you under a spell that you never want to end.

Kikkawa You (a.k.a. “Kikka”) is such an idol, and on September 28, the first day of Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012, fellow JPHiP members Rei-chan and °e-girl joined me in a 30-minute private interview with Kikka. Going in, Rei-chan and °e-girl were not exactly huge Kikka fans, but by the time the interview was over, all three of us left the room thoroughly enchanted by the young songstress.

First Year Convention Fires Kanons on Attendees

This July 1st marked the inaugural year for convention Anime, Music, and Manga, otherwise known as AM2. Though just starting out, the otakus in charge brought together a nice collection of musical guests to entertain fans. Kanon x Kanon is a musical collaboration between cellist extraordinaire Wakeshima Kanon and oshare-kei band Antic Cafe’s bassist Kanon. The two came together in late 2010 because they both had a strong affinity for anime, music, anime music…and, well, because they share the same name. Though I wasn’t really a fan of either Wakeshima Kanon (despite my love for classical instruments integrated into mainstream music) nor the duo of Kanon x Kanon, I can’t deny they were entertaining.