10 Years We’ve Been Here. Same Pinkness. Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop. There is no denying what greatness :hipheart: is. ITS THE PEOPLE! Best tightest friendliest community around who loves to party, keep it POSITIVE and most important FANDOM IT UP. We ain’t just gonna party for one day. Not even one week. WE GONNA DO IT ALL YEAR. Sending our wishes to everyone from around the globe near far wherever you are!

To have two Rika Fans just take matters in their own hand and revolutionize the game in taking fandom communities into the wild and wacky do whatever the we want kind of place JPH!P is TODAY. Let us Celebrate! We are grateful for all the people and events that we have encountered. Let us work hard, HAVE FUN and keep building those memories for years to come!

THANKS to all who submitted new photos, much appreciated! :bow:

STAY tuned to threads, tweets, posts, discussions on a look back on our DECADE of JPHiPNESS, favorite memories, Top 10 Lists, Where are They now! and what we gonna do in the future! WE WANNA HEAR FROM YOU!! Sky is ALWAYS the limit! We’ll be dropping giveaways like :hipheart: wristbands, special goods and what ever comes to mind! You, da HiPstaz are the ones who keep us growing so let’s have fun, talkin, celebratin everything :hipheart: We gonna do like feature profiles on HiPstaz like http://www.lynda.com/25ps

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