VAMPS will follow March 23rd international CD release with multi-city tour and May 1st headlining show at New York City’s Best Buy Theater


VAMPS, the Japanese rock band formed by HYDE (L’Arc~en~Ciel) and K.A.Z (Oblivion Dust), will perform a headlining show at New York City’s Best Buy Theater on May 1st.


10 Years We’ve Been Here. Same Pinkness. Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop. There is no denying what greatness :hipheart: is. ITS THE PEOPLE! Best tightest friendliest community around who loves to party, keep it POSITIVE and most important FANDOM IT UP. We ain’t just gonna party for one day. Not even one week. WE GONNA DO IT ALL YEAR. Sending our wishes to everyone from around the globe near far wherever you are!

Taylor Swift debuts “Style” – GUARANTEED #1 Single

Taylor Swift debuts the music video to her latest single “Style” with Harry Potter like glass references and a tight white skirt it is surely GUARANTEED to go  #1

JPH!P 10 BDAY [2.22.15] JOIN DA PARTY!!

This is a celebration LIKE NO OTHER!! HOLY MOLY when on February 22, 2005 we said LETS DO DIS!  :jphip: Ten years later, the memories go on forever. I am so proud of y’all, let’s keep it going :fap

:rikabunny has let JPH!P DAY land on a weekend SO BEST BELIEVE we gonna PARTY HARD :hip smile: Take Part with WEAR, VIDEO & PHOTO, MEET UPS.

Rika Ishikawa Queen of Idols Turns 30

RIKA HITS DA BIG 3-0!!!! お誕生日おめでとうございます!30代もよろしくね‼︎

or as RIKA puts it in her blog “HELLO 30s!!” :twothumbs happy RIKA DAY! THANK YOU RIKA for being the inspiration to build :hipheart: You inspire us with your POSITIVE thinking, constant self improvement, and just being silly NO FUCKS GIVEN. Without Rika, I would have not met some of my bestest friends in da whole wide world!! to quote my homie, Sab: RIKA IS GOD

JPHiP Interview: bamboo of milktub @ Lantis Festival in Las Vegas

JPHiP was given the chance to interview bamboo of milktub. Topics included their thoughts on the brief boys and his longevity in the anisong industry as the duo milktub Read on to hear what one half of the talented duo milktub had to say!

07 bamboo (from milktub) site

JPHiP Interview: Yoko Ishida @ Lantis Festival in Las Vegas

JPHiP was given the chance to interview Yoko Ishida. Topics included her thoughts on her work with the Sailor Moon series and being an overseas phenomenon thanks to Japanese anime and anisongs. Read on to hear what one of the most popular anisong artists in the world had to say!

02 Yoko Ishida site

Idoling!!! 2nd ANNUAL Hottest/Cutest Polls

Idoling!!! 2nd ANNUAL Hottest/Cutest Polls is UP! The time has come for you to voice your opinion on Japan’s TV show slash female idol group created by Fuji TV. Sponsored by the fine folks at Non-Stop Idoling!!!


The 2nd Annual Cutest Idoling!!! Member Poll and The 2nd Annual Hottest Idoling!!! Member Poll

The poll will run for two weeks. ACT NOW!

AKBar48’s 6th to 2nd ANNUAL Hottest/Cutest Polls (AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, Nogizaka46)

THE ONLY poll that matters! That time of year we break down AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, Nogizaka46 to what draws us to idols in the first place! The poll will run for two weeks.

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Lantis Festival in Las Vegas WINNERS!!!

art by @Sylvie72646309
art by @Sylvie72646309

Congratulations OUR  CONTEST winners!