JPHiP Interview: Kikkawa You @ Japan Expo USA

Kikkawa You at Japan Expo USA

Solo idol and former member of Hello! Project Kikkawa You, a.k.a. Kikka, was chosen to be the official reporter for the very first Japan Expo USA held from August 23rd to 25th in Santa Clara, California. After JPHiP interviewed Kikka at Anime Weekend Atlanta andJapan Expo in Brussels last year, Tris-chan and Slack got another chance to catch up with the beautiful young songstress.

Introduction to Japan Expo USA 2013: The Festival Made for Us


This festival was made for us.

One only has to look at the guest and panel lineups for other larger cons in the San Francisco Bay Area to see that. Anime conventions are made for anime people. Guests are voice actors, writers, directors, etc., and panels are discussing various aspects of anime. Sometimes you’ll get a music act, but the trend is towards US-based acts, usually rock bands. The closest to idol culture you get are vocaloid, anisongs, and the occasional idol anime.

LPGA Returns to Edmonton as Lydia Ko wins again, makes history

LPGA’s best golfers from across the world returned to Edmonton this past weekend August 22-25, 2013 at Royal Mayfair Golf Club in Edmonton.

photo via Bernard Brault

photo via Bernard Brault

Just one year after becoming the youngest player ever to win an LPGA Tour event, New Zealand’s Lydia Ko once again made history at the CN Canadian Women’s Open on Sunday. Up against the likes of I.K. Kim and Paula Creamer:


Japan Expo USA 2013 (August 23-25)

Japan Expo USAThis weekend the JPHiP press team will be bringing you full coverage of Japan Expo USA, including event reports, photos, and more! Last year JPHiP got the chance to interview Kikkawa You before her trip to Europe for last year’s Japan Expo conventions in Orleans and Brussels. This time we will do our best to bring you JPHiP-exclusive interviews with as many of the guests as possible!

JPHiP Exclusive! Interview with Hidekazu Ohara!

Ohara Hidekazu

JPHiP was fortunate enough to have an interview with Hidekazu Ohara, a popular animation director, during J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL 2013. Not only has Mr. Ohara worked as a key animator on such titles as Akira, Kogepan, and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, he also directed the music video for seiyuu idol group Sweety’s collaboration with Toyota and the PES project, “My Line.” Read on for our exclusive interview!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Press Conference at J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Sebastian Masuda, and Harajuku Kawaii

JPHiP was lucky enough to score a seat at the press junket for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Sebastian Masuda, and the Harajuku Kawaii models at the opening of the Harajuku Kawaii pop-up shop in San Francisco. There were some pretty good questions and interesting answers – read on to see what the girls and Sebastian had to say about fashion, music, and what they’re into right now!

My Little Skyrim: shirenu roleplays a Khajiit alchemist who hates confrontation

Disclaimer: Not an expert on video games.

After getting burned out playing Skyrim the usual way of trying to complete every questline possible, I decided it was time to give a chance to a more immersive roleplaying experience. I installed two mods: Alternate Start – Live Another Life and additional encounters to the landscape to give Skyrim a livelier (more hostile) atmosphere.

What Alternate Start does is get rid of the original beginning with the long carriage ride and dragon attack. Instead you are trapped in a cell, left to rot, only able to interact with a statue of Mara that grants you a new life. You are given a list of options which allow you to begin your new journey from a randomized location. How many possessions you have and what type of location you begin from depends on which option you choose.

Meet Qa’meera!



I’ll spare you from long-winded stories about her past (actually, there aren’t any) and will instead tell you how I will be playing her.

2013 J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL featuring Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Reina Tanaka & LoVendoR



San Francisco’s 5th Annual Celebration Of Japanese Pop Fashion, Art, Music, Film And Fun To Deliver A Colorful Array Of Special Events, Attractions, Film Premieres And Guest Of Honor Appearances 

San Francisco, CA, July 15, 2013 [via OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE] The 2013 J-POP Summit Festival is only a few weeks away and marks its 5thanniversary as San Francisco’s preeminent annual celebration of Japanese pop culture, art, music, fashion, and filmon Saturday and Sunday, July 27th and 28th.


Taylor Swift brings RED Tour to Edmonton!

Taylor Swift aka T-Swizzie is nothing short of a mega conglomerate power woman who is about as down to earth as she is as a multi-talented entertainer.

MAIN lol DSC06617

In support of her latest album of the same name, her RED Tour brings along a wide range of dazzling spectacles from shoop-shoop “You Belong to Me” to 50s style “Lucky One” to an EXPLOSIVE hard rock number “Trouble” to being picked up by and butt surfed to the solo stage rocking to “22″  – there was no shortage of hits for fans young and old who fell for her country roots or idolized her through her string of Top 10 hits.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Squidport event is live!

What’s the CRACK STAFF playing? The Simpsons Tapped Out of course! Join us!

Squidport event is live! New buildings, characters and quests, and now the beach tiles finally have a purpose.


“Unlike other major events, it is a permanent installment in the game – meaning that the Squidport and its features will always be available.”