Suicide Squad – DC Extended Universe Redemption Movie?


Suicide Squad open up in theaters this weekend making a ton of Cash 4 DC movies and Warner Brothers movie conglomerates But the main pressure and old rivals or Marvel riding on this movie as it came in opening this weekend with a bunch of bad reviews but it is up to us to have an open mind and check it out for yourself so that’s what we did.

On the start level it had all that you wanted Will Smith Margot Robbie Cara Delevingne know lots of great character actors but you know with with the story opening up introducing the characters one by one and you know we’re having it take over for having it at 8 take up after the events of Batman versus Superman earlier this year Amanda Waller the government operative who who who put together the suicide squad has the pressure 2 has the feeling that in order to prevent a Superman type metahuman she needs to bring up a team of superheroes that are anti-heroes who have nothing to lose but really you know they inject like a little bomb in your neck so it’s either you you douche it for us or you die and that’s the premise and along the way we find a rogue’s gallery of DC


Villains like Deadshot played by Will Smith Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie and whole cast of Under characters on Boomerang and Killer Croc and Diablo these cast of villains that the DC heroes a Batman and the Flash have put away and we get our first glimpse of the new Joker I mean yeah this review is really muddled but it’s such a tax write if you’re actually f****** reading this it’s great like who said the f****** article has to be like making sense right so from what how the story he laid out the need for a squad villains put together by Amanda Waller played by the amazing Viola Davis is really another point of view. You put them together and they have they have crossed paths with Batman which show Will Smith Deadshot very very touching background that he’s a family man who just does it for the money you know he has a daughter that he wants to put through school but you know he’s also villain with a conscience or something like that but you know we get like you know Ben Affleck doing with his little Cameo and stuff. then we have like Harley Quinn like the biggest hypo my gosh you know she she is literally the sexiest movie star and you have seen on screen but just trying to tell the back story that you know she was a psychologist of the Joker blah blah blah but you know there really wasn’t very you know when they talk about the stories and their background there really isn’t that in depth notion you know either so many characters that you really have to bring background of end the Joker was there just to just be the Joker and you know was here you know you was there throughout the movie was he there to save her 821 Harlequin back or you know there was no really you never saw what they had together as a loving couple we know that kind of psychotic sociopath relationship. show me Margot Robbie does a fine job she looks great on the screen but you never know what’s going on like to know I mean for the people of watch the cartoons and see every all these little Easter eggs come in life that’s that’s fine and dandy but I need to have all these villains light roll out like okay this feeling this feeling this feeling like you telling her back story one by one and like like as if we’re going to the row Lyle right and you know there’s no really sense of what the squad is and how how is put together. They’re obviously they’re forced to come together but when they’re put into action it’s all because of Cara Delevingne spoiled. Cara Delevingne plays


the the enchantress and she does a good job like she’s trying to you know she’s been possessed Blah Blah Blah by the stone and she can’t control it and Nick flag obviously the captain of the representative government control the take care of the suicide squad be like oh man she’s my girlfriend and now she’s possessed by the enchantress and then you know for some strange reason she gets loose and they’re doing something she gets loose and f****** help help it takes over the city so they got put the suicide squad together like really quick like these guys don’t even have any chemistry together like a horse than they’re just going in because of another Suicide Squad member the enchantress so. And oddly enough you see that there’s there was seems that was deleted like the whole Diablo you know not drinking alcohol type thing or you know what’s the Joker with the guns and stuff it it it felt very choppy overall like you know Harley Quinn goes escapes off the Joker like just abandoning the team so they felt all butt hurt and s***. But then she joins up with them and let you know we’re a team because you know she thought the Joker was dead so it’s it was very you know the relationships are very forced and the main villains actually we’re just a whole bunch of the possessed creatures rock creatures that the enchantress created so it was pretty underwhelming the action was alright here and there but like you never know was there anything going on was there a point to all that s*** so Suicide Squad R-rated like maybe visually on a visual standpoint you two are the 5. Jared Leto’s Joker was you know you can’t compare he was a gangster and having like Common Tamia was interesting but there was no doubt that bility that really brutal The Joker is a f****** a****** type thing you know like not to compare You Know Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger but no Heath Ledger his Joker was I thought he would just kill anybody and he didn’t give a f*** about anyone and you know Jared Leto as Joker was supposed to be you just laugh and here and there and stuff so and the ending I didn’t really know what was going on there like everyone you know. 10 years reduced and they they save the day blah blah blah but you know I don’t know if I want to see you in there so I don’t know what the f*** they are doing right so they’re basically fighting against her own f****** the enchantress their own member. the Batman cameos were alright it’s kinda interesting here and there like you get those trying to build up the Justice League and punching Harley Quinn in the face hahaha but he stayed hard to clean you like f****** goes off your f****** who puts his f****** face all over and like what the f*** man did you want to f*** her they also asked her what man so that was totally weird. overall real suicide squads got potential but like it was a really choppy story visually it was amazing you know I should have went to watch some cheap Tuesdays but you know I had a bag of popcorn so I had to go check it out and I do my little review for AP Hill so keep on watching movies and enjoy the movie for on let’s get 100 movies watch this year.