The Simpsons: Tapped Out Squidport event is live!

What’s the CRACK STAFF playing? The Simpsons Tapped Out of course! Join us!

Squidport event is live! New buildings, characters and quests, and now the beach tiles finally have a purpose.


“Unlike other major events, it is a permanent installment in the game – meaning that the Squidport and its features will always be available.”

New buildings: Planet Hype (premium), Itchy & Scratchy Store, Malaria Zone, Just Rainsticks, The Frying Dutchman, Turban Outfitters, My First Tattoo, Much Ado About Muffins, Crypto Barn
New characters: Captain McCallister, Mime, Fiddler, Human Statue, Fire Eater, Juggler, Handsome Pete
New decorations: Lamppost, Basketball Game, Boardwalk Bench, Coffee Cart, Ferris Wheel, Fried Dough Stand, Hell Hole, House Boat, Lemonade Stand, Boardwalk Fountain, Tree, Fence, Squidport Entrance, Hot Dog Stand