The Watanabe Mayu Foreign Fans 20th Birthday Project


On the 26th March 2014, Watanabe Mayu turns 20!

1. To mark and celebrate her birthday, we are going to create a scrapbook from the foreign fans which will be given to Mayu along with the gifts from the Japanese birthday committee at Mayu’s Team A birthday show (the date of which is still yet to be determined but could be weeks after her actual birthday).

For the scrapbook we want to collect messages, fanart, drawings, photos etc – whatever you want to send to Mayuyu, get creative!


For all messages, we plan to translate them into Japanese so Mayu can read them. We shall be incorporating the text in your original language as well as translated into Japanese. If you also want to include a hand-written message, then you can take a photo or scan that and send it in.

Send all entries to

Submission Deadline:

    26th February 2014

(one month before Mayu’s birthday)

2. In addition to the scrapbook, we are also collecting short messages which will be translated into Japanese to be included in the Japanese birthday committee’s message cards. These message cards are only small, so keep your message brief, here’s some of the message cards from previous years to give you an idea of size:

3. We are also thinking about possibly creating a t-shirt for Mayu’s birthday, however we are concentrating on the scrapbook first.

Please include your name and your country along with your message/submission!

Entries for the foreign fans scrapbook, please include [Foreign] in your email subject.
Entries for the Japanese Birthday Committee, please include [Japanese] in your email subject.

If anyone is interested in joining the team, please send an email. Any English –> Japanese translators would be great.

The Team:

Jul3, YKT, Seigus, melyangelique, majuholic, clubhappy, conche, shin_baka, ithebigc, jigs, jell_o_jello, vie

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