Be Like Jabronisaur Day V (July 16, 2014)

~Good Deeds, Spreading Love, Be Positive~

It is hard to imagine five years has gone by since Tim “Jabronisaur” Marks aka Jabby has left this planet to look over us every day. Let us reflect upon this day and do that good deed. Whether it is donating to the local charity, thanking your bus driver, or showing a new member at JPHiP the way. Jab lives on forever in our hearts. This what we call Be Like Jabronisaur Day spreading love and POSITIVITY~ the JPHiP Way – the way Jab showed us in real life and online at

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For those new to the community, check out his vast history:

We lost Jabronisaur on July 16, 2009 – right after our successful meet up at Anime Expo, where JPHiP pimped like no other, gathering 30+ in a room at a time, meeting dozens more along the way. At the forefront, was Jabronisaur whom as a member of the Crack Staff, broke down barriers and mingled with fans from all over the world and net – making them feel like family. He exemplified what it was to be a HiPster, and made us so proud he was just one of our homies.

WHAT IT IS Start July 16, 2014, throughout the week let us look back at THE MAN! THE LIFE! What memories we have left, from Anime Expo 2009 and throughout the forum and radio.

Post in this thread on how you BE LIKE JAB, share your personal memories about Jab, if you just want to know who he is and what he meant to JPH!P. How we can all be better HiPstaz LiKE JAB!

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Representing HARDCORE GEEK from the start and PROUD of it! He showed he could be whatever he wanted to be, fanboy what he wanted and not be judged. (thx tama for the find, he offered this pic when we did a “Baby Blend” thread)

Young Jab!

To me. Being this close knit, we take the losses of such friends like Jab, ChrNo, Fushi, and marimari that much harder. Let this be a constant reminder, that you should never hold back to the people you really do love. Let them know, while they’re living about your respect and approach to them. And this means, no matter how busy you get in school and work, HiPstaz gotta reach out to one another. I’m doing my damndest with this FIVE year anniversary of our awesome at AX 2009 and Sakura Con, we will form like Voltron and have many more WORLD TOURS to COME!

We at :hipheart: are truly honoured to be in contact with his family and friends and hear their stories to further prove we are truly blessed to have known such an awesome guy.

Our goal is to have the spirit of Jabronisaur live on forever with every good deed we do, to carry on what Jab built here at JPHiP, a community that is positive and caring every single day. Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can make the biggest difference.

A part of Jabby’s childhood has been imortalized by his father, George in the book “Spirit Dancer”

Quote from: Jab’s Father

Spirit Dancer is based on a role playing game I wrote when my three sons were teenagers. It was titled “Castle of the Kren Lord,” and we played it for hours on weekends. My youngest son, Timothy, and I had often talked about converting this game to a story or graphic novel, but as things go, we never did. When he died unexpectedly in 2009 I decided to write the book and dedicate it to him.

Available on Kindle and Kindle App for Smartphone and PC:

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Grab a copy, and read all about his RPG Roots!


At 8:30 PM EST JPHiP RADIO the next 12 hours will be dedicated to Jabronisaur’s radio show Beware the JabberJocky! filled with Video Game and Anime OSTs and his brand of humour and softspoken DJing.

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One Love.

The JPH!P Crack Staff