JPHiP Interview: Morning Musume。’16 @ Anime Matsuri 2016

Once again, JPHiP got the opportunity to interview Morning Musume。’16 during their most recent visit to America. This time, they’re in Houston as Guests of Honor to Anime Matsuri, one of the largest anime conventions in North America. Topics include the members’ thoughts on their favorite songs to perform, their favorite songs from the rest of Hello! Project, and what kind of new members they’d like to join the group. Read on to see what they had to say!

JPHiP Interview: bamboo of milktub @ Lantis Festival in Las Vegas

JPHiP was given the chance to interview bamboo of milktub. Topics included their thoughts on the brief boys and his longevity in the anisong industry as the duo milktub Read on to hear what one half of the talented duo milktub had to say!

07 bamboo (from milktub) site

JPHiP Interview: Yoko Ishida @ Lantis Festival in Las Vegas

JPHiP was given the chance to interview Yoko Ishida. Topics included her thoughts on her work with the Sailor Moon series and being an overseas phenomenon thanks to Japanese anime and anisongs. Read on to hear what one of the most popular anisong artists in the world had to say!

02 Yoko Ishida site

JPHiP Interview: Email interview with Sayumi Michishige

Sayumi Michishige performs a solo in New York

Once you’ve read our concert report and our full interview with Morning Musume。’14, check out this email interview we were given with Morning Musume。’14’s former leader, Sayumi Michishige!

JPHiP Interview: Morning Musume。’14 @ New York City

Morning Musume。'14

JPHiP was given the chance to interview Morning Musume。’14 after their successful New York concert. Topics included their thoughts on New York, their fans, the new 12th generation members, and their new triple-A-side single, “TIKI BUN/Shaba Daba Do~/Mikaeri Bijin”. Read on to hear what these talented young ladies had to say!

JPHiP Interview: Ohmura Takayoshi @ Guitar Universe 2014 European Tour

With the upcoming release of Marty Friedman’s “Inferno” album and the recent release of Gus G’s “I Am The Fire” album these two guitar heroes set off for a co-headline event called the Guitar Universe European Tour 2014.


Joining them as support guitarist is the Japanese talent Ohmura Takayoshi. He is active in a lot of bands and projects, including BABYMETAL, DCPRG, C4, Liv Moon, Nomizu Iori and many more.

JPH!P took the opportunity to interview him at De Pul in Uden in the Netherlands on May 18, 2014. We gathered a wide variety of questions from the community aiming to learn more about him and to put him on the map in the west.

Oh Jessica Nigri!

Jessica Nigri's Mad Moxxi

Cosplay is increasing in popularity, and with increasing attention towards the hobby, there are a quite a few that are standing out amongst their peers. One such cosplayer is Jessica Nigri, who shot to fame with her sexy Pikachu cosplay and her spots on Kassem G’s California on Comic-Con series.

JPHiP Interview: J☆Dee’Z @ Japan Expo USA


The four-member junior dance group J☆Dee’Z is made up of Meik, Nono, ami, and leader MOMOKA. These four girls are ridiculously cute and JPHiP got to interview them at the first Japan Expo USA, held in Santa Clara.

JPHiP Interview: 1000say @ Japan Expo USA

The members of 1000say (from left to right) keyboardist MICHELLE, bassist API, guitarist MAN, and drummer NON

The members of 1000say (from left to right) keyboardist MICHELLE, bassist API, guitarist MAN, and drummer NON flash the JPHiP sign.

The Japanese indie band 1000say (A THOUSAND SAY) made their US debut at the first Japan Expo USA, held on August 23rd-25th in Santa Clara, California. Undoubtedly the coolest musical guests in attendance, 1000say has been featured at Japan Expo since 2011’s Japan Expo Paris. JPHiP’s Tris-chan and Slack caught up to the band on the last day of the convention to interview their members, vocalist/guitarist MAN, vocalist/bassist API, keyboardist MICHELLE, and drummer NON.

JPHiP Interview: Kikkawa You @ Japan Expo USA

Kikkawa You at Japan Expo USA

Solo idol and former member of Hello! Project Kikkawa You, a.k.a. Kikka, was chosen to be the official reporter for the very first Japan Expo USA held from August 23rd to 25th in Santa Clara, California. After JPHiP interviewed Kikka at Anime Weekend Atlanta andJapan Expo in Brussels last year, Tris-chan and Slack got another chance to catch up with the beautiful young songstress.