GEEKS UNITE at Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo 2012

A fresh new convention to celebrate all things pop culture! arrived with THE EDMONTON EXPO. The forces behind The ECTCS and the Calgary Expo landed at Edmonton Expo Centre October 20-21, 2012! Headlining vendors, artists, and guests that included the stars of Joss Whedon Universe also united to have an entertaining, side-splitting anecdote filled afternoon that only Jewel Staite and Charisma Carpenter can provide!!


Batman stars Burt Ward (Robin) and the AMAZING Julie Newmar (Catwoman)…such an enigmatic personality, she seduced us all! 70s and 80s TV/movie icons Lee Majors andBilly Dee Williams! who explained why he was wearing Han’s outfit at the end of The Empire Strikes Back and had time to answer fans questions with smooth singing:

Iconic cosplayer Jessica Nigri who also met with our Ping at New York Anime Festival, stopped by to say HELLO!DSC06194

LAST BUT NOT LEAST. THE Legendary Nichelle Nichols, who played Lieutenant Uhura on Star Trek on politics and being a ground breaker in history. “You can reach to that and become it sooner or later.”


Filled with panels from writing to gaming, there were magnificent cosplayers, epic stage props to let you be proud to be a nerd!!  We look forward to next years events at