JPH!P 10 BDAY [2.22.15] JOIN DA PARTY!!

This is a celebration LIKE NO OTHER!! HOLY MOLY when on February 22, 2005 we said LETS DO DIS!  :jphip: Ten years later, the memories go on forever. I am so proud of y’all, let’s keep it going :fap

:rikabunny has let JPH!P DAY land on a weekend SO BEST BELIEVE we gonna PARTY HARD :hip smile: Take Part with WEAR, VIDEO & PHOTO, MEET UPS.

  • WEAR

We gots to pimp so here’s plenty of Limited edition fly gear for you to rock on DA STREETS. I’m making wristbands as we speak!

* note: The faded pink is more like a sparkly. like this:


Free standard shipping for all orders of $30 or more
Offer valid UNTIL February 2nd, 2015 ACT NOW!
Coupon Code: LOVE15


Show us your country / town / national landmark in VIDEO AND PHOTO. LET IT BE KNOWN that :hipheart: spans the GLOBE. This is the pride i talk to others about when I say I wear PINK because i have :hipheart: in my heart and they got my ASS!

From a short clip from your phone like “Yo! ITS DAIGONG FROM CANADA!! Happy BDAY JPHiPPPPPPPPPPPPP” or even a 30 minute daigong-style rant! Whateva you feel, I WANT HiPSTAZ REPRESENTING!! :fap

gotta go film a rant video too! but wanna get this posted to get this rolling!!!!! WOO HOO!  :pimp:

PM daigong or email


Make it be YEAR of THE WORLD TOURS! How can we top the last one? JPH!P is all about the community and positivity and how we can infinitely keep getting better. We did New York! Malaysia! Japan! Why not have a collective party in each major centre this 2015!? There’s Grey Cup in Winnipeg. Peeps in Cali meet up left and right for live music and conventions. And our Cute Moderator shirenu is having a birthday party herself!! Get all the Euros together!! :finland:

JOIN DA PARTY!!!! :jphip:

And so much more to come. Any other ideas or thoughts, post them here!! Stay tuned as we celebrate :hipheart: 10 YEARS!!

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