SNSD- Forever 1

They’re back… 8 of them anyway.

8 years after Jessica left, 5 after the rest disbanded, SNSD are back… all 8 of them sans Jessica that is, with Forever 1. This isn’t a review of the album, though I will give a short impression of the album at large, mainly that the 2nd half appeals much more to me, due to my preference for the more laid back, R& B feel of the tracks there. Musically, the group has progressed leaps and bounds over the years and it shows. But don’t take my word for it, go stream it for yourself (yes, they released the whole thing online- go listen to it here and decide for yourself). Go educate yourself on why this was THE girl group of 2nd gen.

Highlights for me: Closer, Mood Lamp, Summer Night, Freedom. What a sequence of tracks.

Oh, and as for Jessica, she just won 2nd place on some Chinese Idol show. Which is nice, but man, this album would have been that much better with her in it, good as it is already.