Hello! Project Songs on Wii Karaoke U by Joysound

If you happen to own Wii U or know someone who does, and if you happen to be a Hello! Project fan, it might delight you to know that there are some familiar songs featured on Wii Karaoke U! Other Jpop idol songs are available as well, but since H!P is what I know, this list is focused on them. There are enough songs for a few hours of entertainment, at least, and in places without authentic Japanese karaoke options, Wii Karaoke U is a somewhat decent replacement!

Note that I am listing the songs as they are marked on their website, so there may be weird spellings and typos on their end. By using their spellings, it should be easier to find the songs and artists on their service.

A History of the Top Tier Cutest in Hello! Project

This post is a look back at members who have defined ‘kawaii’ in Hello! Project, and some suggestions for who might take the throne in the future. These are members who have enjoyed popularity and career success not only for their talent, but also almost super-humanly cute looks, and you might say primarily for those looks. The list is biased in the sense that all humans are biased, but these are not my favourite members. These are members who were or are especially known for their cuteness; members whose cuteness would attract the attention of casual passers-by, members who are cute enough to receive compliments from people who are not interested in idols in the least. They are the opposite of ‘acquired taste’, having features that are generally valued in Japan; the small faces with symmetric features, likely big eyes (although as you will see, there are exceptions to that rule), a kitten-like quality that melts the hearts of all but the most dedicated haters.


The Ultimate Hottest H!P Member Vol. 12!! [OPEN FOR VOTES]

That time of the year is here… :shakeit:


Vote for the hottest H!P Members!

The Ultimate Cutest H!P Member Vol. 12!! [OPEN FOR VOTES]

Vote for the cutest H!P Members!

My Little Skyrim: shirenu roleplays a Khajiit alchemist who hates confrontation

Disclaimer: Not an expert on video games.

After getting burned out playing Skyrim the usual way of trying to complete every questline possible, I decided it was time to give a chance to a more immersive roleplaying experience. I installed two mods: Alternate Start – Live Another Life and additional encounters to the landscape to give Skyrim a livelier (more hostile) atmosphere.

What Alternate Start does is get rid of the original beginning with the long carriage ride and dragon attack. Instead you are trapped in a cell, left to rot, only able to interact with a statue of Mara that grants you a new life. You are given a list of options which allow you to begin your new journey from a randomized location. How many possessions you have and what type of location you begin from depends on which option you choose.

Meet Qa’meera!



I’ll spare you from long-winded stories about her past (actually, there aren’t any) and will instead tell you how I will be playing her.